The right expert witness service can make the difference between winning and losing a case. And when you’re looking for an expert witness with impeccable credentials – and the experience to win your next case – the search can be daunting and time consuming. We recognize that finding an unbiased, non-conflicted expert can be difficult.

Stop focusing on the search for expert witness services, and start focusing on your case!


What is an Expert Witness?

“An expert witness, professional witness or judicial expert is a witness who by virtue of education, training, and skill is believed to have expertise and specialized knowledge in a particular subject beyond that of the average person, sufficient that others may officially and legally rely upon the witness’s specialized opinion” –  Wikepedia


ProWest Appraisal has litigation expertise that includes valuations for governmental agencies relating to easements, eminent domain, and right of way cases. Other expert witness appraisals have involved family law or bankruptcy. ProWest Appraisal has been designated as an expert witness in the California Superior Courts of San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles and San Francisco Counties. Their testimony has been given in US Bankruptcy Courts of Southern, Central and Northern Districts of California, District of Colorado, and the US District Court.


Other Areas of Expert Witness include:

Eminent Domain
Estate Planning
Partnership dissolution
Environmentally impaired properties
Lease disputes
Litigation support


To obtain copies of our Curricula Vitae or Appraisers Qualifications, and discuss your particular case in more detail, please email [email protected]