How To Turn Your App Idea Into Your Own Mobile App

Honestly, everyone is interested to know about the features of an app that are beneficial for them. Companies spend a lot of money to develop and maintain their apps. But if your objectives are not clear, you probably won’t get the desired product and benefit. Remember, there is always the possibility of adding more features in V2. Investors want traction and if you inundate your target users with too many options, you’ll never make it out the gate. Startups must be scrappy and smart with their resources. Focus your app’s resources in areas that will deliver the greatest interaction to achieve network effects and build those out first.

This way, you can check the customer reviews and their feedback and implement features accordingly. Not only can you save costs, but also give a rich user experience. App development is by no means a quick process (roughly a range of weeks). You’re going to be working with your development team very closely for a good amount of time. So you must pick people you can build a relationship with. It’s also best practice to hire a developer who has expertise in your mobile app’s business model. A wireframe is basically a blueprint or basic framework of the screens that will be included in your app.


In this guide, we’re going to walk through the step-by-step process for bringing to life a well-thought-out, well-designed, well-built How to Create a Mobile App mobile app that your future users will love. You do some market research, improve your mockups and designs, and build new features.

How to Create a Mobile App

Finally, your app is released and it’s time to show it to the world. You can do it by yourself, or ask your mobile app development team to help you. In both cases, app store optimization is highly desirable. It helps users find your product in the endless ocean of options. The high quality of promotional materials will make your app also desirable. The time required to develop an app can vary in a range of anything from 2-3 weeks to 9+ months. Simple apps are made in a short duration, while complex apps or mobile app building software systems require a longer time.

Free App Builder

The user responses will help you prioritize what features you need to work on next. Prior to your first launch, you probably did some research or asked some friends for their opinions. The early stages of your marketing campaigns can ultimately define the future for your app’s success. In the short term, you can run PPC (pay-per-click), and CPI (cost-per-install) paid ads to drive downloads. But long term, you should be blogging and focusing on SEO tactics for driving traffic to your website. This will ultimately help your app gain more attention when users search for solutions via search engines.

In order to sell investors and executives on your app, make sure your pitch includes a prototype. Once you’ve tackled those basics of making a good first impression, deliver a presentation that transmits your excitement about the app to your audience. Only include the essentials, and ensure that the UX can take users even deeper as they navigate your app.

Make Your App Available For Download In Applicable App Stores

You’ve got electrical, plumbing, ventilation, and things of that nature. For everything else, just leverage reusable tools that already exist. You’ll also have the option to take advantage of BuildFire’s white-glove services. In this case, the in-house developers at BuildFire can create custom functionalities for you. There is no coding required for this development method.

The app title is the very first thing that users will see. It needs to be catchy, unique and relevant to the app and its core features. To attract quality users, follow this three-step ASO checklist to ensure your app gets the visibility it needs. In this section, we run through the steps you need to take to ensure your app thrives on the market and gets the exposure it deserves.

Technique #3: Improve An Existing App

You can start by designing the Home page and then work your way up to additional pages and content. Down the line, you will be able to add real-time features like blog content, user profiles, push notifications, and much more. Furthermore, BuildFire customers can choose one of more than a dozen templates to accelerate the application building process drastically. Flutter is the new trending cross-platform mobile application development technology in town.

  • The cost of developing a basic app from India can be around $8,000 – $12000.
  • Only at this point can your product evolve and improve with feedback and input from the market.
  • But both of these app builders allows you to create a game without writing a line of code.
  • Have you personally developed any apps currently available on the iphone app store?
  • After building the app, the relevant DevOps service connects to AWS Lambda function and updates the app to our database DynamoDB.
  • It’s a good solution for people with low budgets who want to get to market as quickly as possible.
  • Rule number one; you need to sketch your idea for an app.

This is where you need to be introduced to Appy Pie AppMakr. Appy Pie AppMakr is a free to use, DIY, no code app building platform that gives you a convenient what is ico crypto drag and drop interface to explore and work with. They contain folders, screens, and anything else users need to find information in the app.


This will help to promote your idea so when the app is ready your public will know what’s coming, and they will be more inclined to understand your concept. According to the complexity of your project, the team structure can also vary. The number of developers and designers, the presence of admin panel designers and backend developers is very flexible and negotiable.

What is the best free app creator?

10 Best Mobile App Makers in 2021 to Make Your Own Mobile AppAppy Pie.
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It was founded in 2009, and recently acquired by Infinite Monkeys, to now form one of the largest DIY app publishing platforms worldwide. They state that they are the “original way to make an app.”

The lowdown of iOS application development as well as an Android one is counted with the time needed to implement certain app features. So let’s create a classification based on the moderate time needs.

You can hardly ever make a successful app using an app builder – just see for yourself among the top 100 apps across all categories in the App Stores. To make an app for the Google Play store you can either use an “do-it-yourself” app builder or Eclipse which is the program most Android apps are developed. I suggested you try out our easy to use app building software.

The app builder with the most interesting name comes from the French island of Corsica and impresses with beautiful themes. What’s more is that they offer some of the most advanced features How to Create a Mobile App such as social networking, chat, Geofencing and iBeacons. While you can create your own PWA app for around $10-20 per month, creating a native app is not gonna be wallet friendly.

Throughout the development process, they may be able to share creative expertise that aligns with your business. Developers that are knowledgeable in your field will have insight that will positively contribute to the planning of your app. You could also build a landing page that broadly highlights your app idea and seeks user interest through an email signup. We’ve created a detailed list of 15 evergreen app ideas to create an app and to get you off the ground quickly.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App In 2021?