Large Estate Real Estate Appraisals

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ProWest Appraisal, Inc. performed for a large estate retrospective date of death appraisals on eleven properties in Southern California and Nevada for estate and tax planning purposes. The appraisal team worked on this large estate that included seven fast food/quick service restaurants, an industrial building, two office buildings, and a single family residence. The commercial retail properties were appraised, in part, by analyzing the net-leases in the Income Approach to value, applying the Discounted Cash flow analysis (DCF) as the fast food properties had moderate to long term leases in place as of the date of death. The office buildings were appraised utilizing the Sales Comparison Approach and the Income Approaches to value as they had 75% to 85% occupancy by short to long term tenants as of the date of death. Alternate date of values, or six months after the date of death,  were also applicable to this large estate, making this an important tax matter and requiring well-supported appraisals.

The team of qualified and professional appraisers at ProWest Appraisal specialize in large estate appraisals for estate and tax planning purposes, divorce, litigation, expert witness, and more. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your specific situation that may require professional appraisal services. (858) 571-0750 or (888) 212-1888