Office Building Appraisals in Southern California

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Office Building Appraisals

The Appraisers of SoCal Valuation have the experience to recognize the fundamental aspects of the varied office building types found in Southern California.  Our team of professionals know that there are many types of office properties, each with unique valuation nuances that must be carefully examined  in order to render a reliable estimate of their value. Some of the office building types that we have encountered include the following:

  • Low-rise, single tenant
  • Low-rise, multi-tenant
  • Mid-rise (4 to 16 stories)
  • High-rise (16 or more stories)
  • Office with street-level retail space
  • Medical or dental office
  • Office condominium
  • Bank branch
  • Office with retail and residential space (mixed use)
  • Historical Office Buildings
  • Green/Energy Efficient Office Buildings

The above list is not necessarily complete but it does illustrate the diversity in the office sector. Some of the criteria that our appraisal team will analyze of an office building includes:

  • Location
  • Size and height
  • Quality of Construction and Building Class
  • Building layout / configuration
  • Building cost
  • Age
  • Condition
  • Building services and equipment
  • Ease of access
  • Parking availability
  • Use and ownership
  • FAR (Floor Area Ratio)
  • Tenant improvement allowances
  • Market and competition
  • ADA accessibility

Some of the types of ownership that we have seen in office buildings are ownership of land and improvements, leasehold estates, and condominium ownership. The ownership vestings have been in tenants in common, joint tenancy, partnerships, corporations, trusts and multiple entities.  We have appraised office buildings for estate and tax planning purposes, gifting, date of death appraisals, loan underwriting, right of way/eminent domain, new construction, divorce and bankruptcy, to name a few.

SoCal Valuation has experienced appraisers ready to help you with your Office Building.