In partnership with industry leaders, our appraisers have provided experienced property right of way and real estate appraisal and services throughout California.


Our team of experts handles projects for multiple sectors: public and private agencies, government, private companies, transit agencies, and finance. We work with clients to determine their right of way (ROW) project requirements, then seamlessly provide the scheduled deliverables on time and within budget.


Some of the other significant right of way projects includes pipelines, levees, major developments and expressways/interchanges. Most recently the ProWest Appraisal team assisted in the valuations for the High Speed Train project in the Central Valley, Segments 1, 2 and producing valuations on all types of properties impacted by the project.


Right of Way Property EvaluationProWest Appraisal works with a team of multi-faceted professionals that are particularly effective in managing projects from start to finish because it offers complete right
of way services:

Utility coordination