How ’bout them Padres?

Well speaking on behalf of the Prowest Appraisal community, they are fantastic hosts to win a ball game on our night out at Petco Park. When deciding how to spend an evening with our wonderful clients and friends, a good old baseball game seemed like the perfect choice. I mean what’s better than spending the evening with wonderful people, enjoying an amazing private suite?

ProWest Appraisal Customer Appreciation

ProWest Customer Appreciation!

One of the many wonderful things about a baseball game is the atmosphere. Many of you reading this are sure to have experience it. It is difficult to actually to put your finger on it. Maybe it’s the magnitude of the stadium (a.k.a appraisal madness)?  Maybe it’s the slow yet engaging pace of the game? Or maybe it really is just the hotdogs and cracker jacks? Whatever it is, it’s special. And when you have good people to share it with, you can’t help but share great memories.

One great memory of the night will prove that the location of our suite was top notch. So it was the bottom of the 6th, Padres already in the lead, and lone and behold we score a homerun! And yes homeruns are exciting for everyone, but it’s even more exciting when that ball goes, yes folks, directly to where our little party was situated! And as I recall, as this fiery ball was approaching, there were many who feared their lives, as others were wide-eyed and ecstatic with anticipation. One brave soul attempted to catch it, but sadly that stubborn ball decided to hit railing and into the crowd below. And if you want proof, don’t you worry we got the videos ready for ESPN to air if they so choose. Our only regret in this exciting experience was not showing off our snazzy new Prowest shirts we wore. I guess that thought comes second to actually trying to catch or protect oneself from the ball.

All around a successful night and our hope is that new friends will be able to enjoy with us again next year!