Large Estate Real Estate Appraisals

ProWest Appraisal, Inc. performed for a large estate retrospective date of death appraisals on eleven properties in Southern California and Nevada for estate and tax planning purposes. The appraisal team worked on this large estate that included seven fast food/quick service restaurants, an industrial building, two office buildings, and a single family residence. The commercial […]

10 Things to Know about Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

A commercial real estate appraisal can be complicated–from knowing what to ask for as well as what to provide to the appraiser–here’s some basic information that should help you in the process. Small business owners have a lot to digest when it comes to the subject of commercial real estate—especially these days. That goes double […]

Pacific Beach Apartment Appraisers

ProWest Appraisal, Inc. recently completed appraisals on two Pacific Beach apartments, a 4-unit complex, and an 8-unit complex. Both appraisals were retrospective in nature for estate and tax planning purposes due to death of an owner in 2014. The eight unit apartment has three stories, built in 1973 with garage and carport parking for tenants, […]

Apartment Rents / San Diego County

When analyzing apartment rents, a January 16, 2015 article in the San Diego U-T outlined that San Diego County renters can expect increases approaching 4% this year as vacancies continue to fall. The Los Angeles-based firm TruAmerica Multifamily said the trends reflect San Diego’s inability to keep up with demand. “Household formation is outpacing new […]

Retail Appraisal for Estate & Tax Planning

ProWest Appraisal recently completed an appraisal on a retail building in East San Diego County for Estate and Tax Planning purposes as of a date of death of an owner,  September 2014. This retrospective appraisal report was based on a 4,525 square foot commercial building on a 0.34 acre parcel located in a major shopping […]

Office Building Appraisals in Southern California

The Appraisers of SoCal Valuation have the experience to recognize the fundamental aspects of the varied office building types found in Southern California.  Our team of professionals know that there are many types of office properties, each with unique valuation nuances that must be carefully examined  in order to render a reliable estimate of their […]

Padres+Clients=Fun Nights Again!

 Based on the success of last year’s Padres experience, the ProWest Appraisal team were hosts again this year  for two exciting Padres games. We had again beautiful San Diego nights in the amazing Toyota Terrace Suites at Petco Park.  After all, we learned last year that nothing is better than spending the evening with our wonderful clients and extending […]

Apartments in San Diego County at 12-year Low vacancy

The following article on apartments was reported in June 2014 in the San Diego Business Journal. This information is helpful for income property investors. Apartment Vacancy in San Diego County at 12-Year Low By Mike Allen Tuesday, June 10, 2014 The vacancy rate among San Diego apartments plunged to 2.8 percent, a level not seen in […]

Licensed and Designated Appraisers Defined-Part 2

Licensed and Designated Appraisers Defined-Part 2 of 2 INTERNATIONAL RIGHT OF WAY ASSOCIATION     What is the SR/WA Designation? The Senior Right of Way Professional (SR/WA) is the most prestigious professional designation granted to those right of way professionals who have achieved professional status through experience, education, and examination. While the SR/WA professional may be […]

Licensed and Designated Appraisers Defined

As State of California Certified General Appraisers since appraisal licensing for Real Estate took effect in 1992, we frequently are asked “What is a Designated Appraiser or a Qualified Appraiser?” In an effort to briefly answer this question, we will outline in two blogs the main appraisal guilds that provide higher education to the professional appraiser in […]

How Estimating Home Renovation Costs Makes You a Better Investor

An important question a homeowner will one day have to ask oneself, especially when considering an appraisal, is whether or not to renovate their home. With any investment made, there is always the possibility of future return or loss. How does a homeowner ensure their home renovation costs are a safe investment?   At ProWest […]

How ’bout them Padres?

Well speaking on behalf of the Prowest Appraisal community, they are fantastic hosts to win a ball game on our night out at Petco Park. When deciding how to spend an evening with our wonderful clients and friends, a good old baseball game seemed like the perfect choice. I mean what’s better than spending the […]